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20171224 Announcing Kodi Support

Watching porn on the computer is fine, but sometimes you just want to stream it to a nice big television. Clearnet sites often have the option to use Chromecast, but that's not a great fit for a Tor based site.

So, we've now implemented support for Kodi/XBMC into the site so that you can stream our videos, at your leisure to as big a screen as you can find

In order to set Kodi up, just follow the (simple) steps listed on our Kodi Support Page

20171217 Clearnet Site Launched

We've had feedback from more than a few users that whilst they enjoy our collection of videos, it's not always possible to establish a reliable connection to Tor, or at least not one with fast relays in the circuit to guarantee painless media delivery.

The biggest request has been that we establish a means for users to access our content via the clearnet, so that a VPN can be used when Tor isn't an option

However, in order to safely achieve this without presenting possible side channel attacks which could affect user's privacy, new infrastructure has had to been spun up to serve the HTTPS content. We've also arranged clearnet delivery via a small CDN to help ensure pages are snappy and responsive. The cost of this, is, that the clearnet version of the site will ultimately be ad-supported (and, in the short-term, runs a crypto miner in place of ads). A number of users have said that they feel this is a worthwhile trade-off, particularly as the current high price of BTC (and high transaction fees due to spam attacks) mean that donations have been very limited, and far from sufficient to cover the cost of the infrastructure.

So, without further ado - introducing the clearnet version of the site: https://www.onionstroke.com(CLEARNET!)

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