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Kodi Support

As well as viewing our community generated video collection via browser, you can now add the collection to Kodi (and other similar media centres) and watch high-definition pornography on your television.

Adding OnionStroke to Kodi is simple. Videos won't be added to your main library, as it's rare that a clip title will actually match anything in the library info providers, however the latest videos are just a few clicks away

Adding to Kodi

To add our videos to Kodi, you just need to follow a few simple steps in order to add our feed as a video source. If you want Kodi to access the feed via Tor, you'll need to make sure it can access Tor (whether via a transparent proxy, or directly).

  1. Browse to Videos and then select Files
  2. Select Add Videos
  3. Enter one of the following URLs (depending upon your delivery preferences)
  4. Give the source a name of your choice, and save
Done. You can now access our collection directly through Kodi.

Our Kodi feed currently allows you to browse using the following criteria

  • Recently Added
  • Categories
  • Stars
  • Tags
  • Random
  • A-Z listings

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