We are a Tor first site, for enhanced privacy protection you should view this site via http://strokeu2afkz7jny.onion/


What are the Bitcoin Addresses?

There are two types on Bitcoin address on display around the site, Tips and Donate


The tip addresses show next to the uploaders name just below the each video. If you enjoyed the video, consider tipping the uploader to encourage them to continue contributing content. All tips go straight to the uploader and we don't take any cut from them.

Donate Address

The site currently doesn't use an Ad supported model, and we don't try to mine Monero in your browser.

However, the kit required for running a high availability video delivery service at scale doesn't come cheap (the bandwidth alone can be very expensive), so please consider making a contribution towards our running costs. The alternative is that the site will either need to shut down, or look at other means of raising revenue - possibly including ads and mining scripts. Neither is a desirable outcome for us or you, so if you like having this resource please consider donating once in a while to help keep us online.


What Data do you record?

In terms of personal information, very little - by design we don't receive much (if any) to record.

  • Because you're connecting via Tor we don't have or record your source IP address.
  • We don't do any browser fingerprinting (for example canvas checks, or screen size etc)
  • We do log what pages were visited and when (but not by who - unless you're logged in, and that's only to provide you with the "history" page) in order to make sure we're scaling the service properly
  • We do log basic user-agent information - to make sure we're targetting the right browsers/devices in terms of video compatibility (though most visits will be from the Tor Browser Bundle)

  • We do capture playback errors from the player - to make sure we're not trying to serve broken video, and so that we can address unexpected edge cases
We don't believe that it's right for a porn site to track and profile your viewing habits. You're in to whatever you're into, and trying to track and monetise that is nothing short of exploitative. Which is part of the reason we opted for a donation model rather than an ad supported one - ads simply outsource the tracking to an unknown third party.

How do I get an upload account

See Becoming an uploader

My video playback is low quality?

We use HTTP Adaptive Streaming in order to deliver the best quality video that your connection can support. This is much harder to achieve via Tor though.On the clearnet, what matters is the speed (and quality) of the connection between you and the delivery edge. With Tor, you also need to factor in the speed of the relays in the circuit you've built between you and our edge - some relays are slow, and you won't be able to fetch higher quality video quickly enough to watch it. You could try telling Tor to give you a new identity (which will set up a new circuit) and try again

Alternatively, if you're willing, you could try using our Regional Routing to see if that helps

Can you deliver from closer to me?

In a traditional CDN, we'd perform geo-location on your IP and then select a delivery edge that's as close to you (in terms of network latency) as possible. With Tor that's obviously not possible as we don't have your IP

What we can offer though, is the ability for you to specify a broad region that you'd prefer delivery came from. This may or may not help with your delivery quality as you still need to factor in your circuit to the Onion Service - we'll deliver (if possible) from your area, but Tor may still route your packets around the world.

To use regional routing, pre-pend one of the following as a subdomain to this site

Delivery will only occur from one of these locations if we've got nodes available and online, if not you'll fall back to default routing

Android won't go fullscreen

This is, unfortunately, a known limitation in some versions (KitKat and below) of Android. In order to allow fullscreen playback your browser needed to implement some webview specifics (Warning: clearnet link).

It may also be a limitation in the browser you're using (if they haven't implemented the necessary webview functions). Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about this from the sites end

Our videos are, however, responsive, so turning your phone/tablet landscape may give a fullscreen effect

Isn't Porn a waste of Tor's bandwidth

The answer to that, in part, depends on your view of porn in general - we really like it.

But, to answer the question, imagine someone somewhere is going to watch a 1Mbps porno via Tor (ignoring encryption and packet overheads).If they stream from Pornhub (via Tor) then they'll use 1Mbps of exit node bandwidth, and 2Mbps of relay bandwidth

Traditionally, Tor has always been middle heavy, with lots of relay bandwidth, but precious little exit bandwidth. So although it's only 1Mbps, it's potentially a significant percentage of Tor's exit capacity if enough people do it

However, this site doesn't use an Exit Node bandwidth at all in order to operate. We use Tor's 'SingleHop' functionality in order to deliver video, so for that video, the 3Mbps usage comes from Tor's fat middle rather than its lean edge

It can still, potentially, add up though. For every 1Gbps we deliver, the network is using 3Gbps. So, we closely monitor our bandwidth usage and run middle relays in order to try and donate the same (if not more) bandwidth back into the network. If you've got the means to do so, you should do the same (warning - clearnet link).

Running these nodes does increase our bandwidth and running costs though, so please consider donating to help keep the site online

Why do you require Javascript

We require javascript in order for various functions - including the video player - to work. But we don't load any javascript direct from third party sources, ever.

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