Goodbye, Adieu, Прощай, Adiós

As a community, we wanted this to work. We were a group of nearly 100 porn lovers, backgrounds various, who were sick of the privacy invading ways of modern porn-tubes. Having driven numerous original studios into the ground, they now make money from mining your fap habits. Having someone profile your wanks and fetishes doesn't make for a healthy society in the long-term.

Between us, we agreed to create a privacy sensitive site, served via Tor hidden service, and pulled in the services of someone with experience in delivering bandwidth intensive content via Tor. He even came with software to help tie it all together - He knows who he is, and retains our gratitude for the donation of his time and effort.

A few months after launching, the community agreed that we should also have a clearnet site. Our techy volunteer helped us multi-home the site, and we launched - albeit with Ads in order to try and offset the additional running costs.

We had hoped that, after a fashion, the running costs of the Tor side of the project would be met via Bitcoin donations, with the ads covering the clearnet side but those donations never really came in any volume. In hindsight, it's unsurprising, but when you're thinking so hard about gripping part of your anatomy, you tend not to want to stop to scan a QR code. As for the Clearnet, it seems Ad revenue on Adult sites is incredibly low.

Unfortunately the net result of this is that the community can no longer bear the costs involved - delivering video content on a wide scale is not cheap. We've been running non delivery infrastructure too - Tor relays to help donate back the bandwidth we use, ingest servers so that uploaders can actually publish video.

It's been a good run, and the community seem to agree it's been a positive effort. But now's the time we need to back away and let someone else take up the mantle.

We hope you've enjoyed the project while it ran, and if you're dissappointed by it's loss then we encourage you to both run similar projects, and to lean on the incumbents to drive adoption of less privacy fucking business models. If neither of those seem like an option for you, then when similar projects appear ensure you contribute financially so that they can remain viable. Ultimately you want to Pay for Porn with your wallet, not with your privacy - one day the latter may well come back to haunt you.

The Onionstroke Community